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Structure the tasks

At this point you should start to order them. To order a task, select the Edit menu item from the task page. You will see three lines appearing to the right of each task. by pressing on these lines you can move the task.

First order the high level tasks. In most cases the ordering will be apparent. If not, or if things need to be done at the same time, simply put them in order of importance or time of entry.

Once the high level tasks are ordered, move the detailed tasks beneath their high level task. Press Edit again to leave edit mode.

Finally you should make the detailed tasks sub-tasks of the high level tasks

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Create more detailed tasks

Once you have an initial set of tasks, you can start to add more detailed tasks which are about what needs to be done to achieve each. Its often best to think of this as going from the What to the How – the high level tasks are what you need to do, the more detailed tasks are how you will do it.

Note that you still have an list of tasks in no particular order.

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Create high level tasks

Once you have a plan, start creating some tasks. The best thing to do is often to start with high level tasks, but if you do know specific things you must do, then get them down. What’s really important at this level is to get the things that need to be done rather then how to do them. Often a good starting point is to simply list the things you must produce prefixed by Create or Generate. Otherwise (or as well), you can brainstorm ideas if there is more than one of you or indeed search the web to see if there are example lists already available.

The key point here is not to worry about structure or whether you have got it all right – you can (and will) add, delete and change things later as you become clearer on what is needed.

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How does auto schedule work?

Autoschedule has three options:

  • None
  • Subtasks only
  • All tasks.

If set to Subtasks or All Tasks autoschedule will ensure that each task will start from the previous tasks due date in order. If set to Subtasks this will only happen within parent tasks, if to All it will apply to the whole plan.

It is intended for plans or sequences of tasks which are linked but must be carried in order, for example in our decoration example:

  1. apply first coat
  2. apply second coat
  3. apply finishing coat.

Autoschedule is set from the Preferences icon on the lower left of the Plan page (with the list of tasks).

How do I export to iCal?

From the Plan page select the Preferences icon on the bottom left. This will allow you to export your Plan to iCal. If you do so, a new calendar will be created with the plan name and a set of all day events for each task. Note that parent tasks are not exported

How do I set reminders for tasks?

From the Plan page select the Preferences icon on the bottom left. This will enable you to set reminders for task start due. For each you can set reminders for either 8.00am, 4.00pm or OFF.

How do I delete a Budget entry?

There are two types of cost in the budget view, an estimate of costs and actual expenditure. Estimates are entered as part of tasks and cannot be deleted – instead select them to open the the task and set the estimate to 0.

Actuals can be deleted by selecting the cost entry, selecting the Edit menu and pressing the “-” option.

How do Budgets work?

Budgets comprise two elements, an estimate of costs and actual expenditure. Estimates are entered and edited with tasks, each task has an optional cost which may be positive or negative (you may make spend or make money).


When you look at the budget view you see a list of these estimates by date. Selecting an estimate will open its parent task for editing, however you cannot delete an estimate – instead set it to zero.

Also from the budget view you can add actual costs or income. These have an optional narrative and are associated with a task. Actuals can be deleted from the budget view using the Edit menu.

Rotating the phone will change the display to a report showing costs per day and cumulative costs for each plan.

Budgets report@2x