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Planning – Plans in detail

Plans is for anybody who needs to perform planning but isn’t a professional project manager. It is aimed at individuals rather than companies.

Generally personal planning apps are either too simple, essentially just lists of goals – or too complex with resource sheets, Gantt charts, critical path analysis, and more. At Target Horizon we have decades of experience in project management. We have used that experience to produce Plans, a product that reduces planning to its fundamentals,  and then makes that easy to use.

Within Plans there are three views:
plans views

These represent the core issues of project management:

  • what we are going to do
  • when it will be done
  • how much it will cost.

Each of these views can be seen as a list. Here the individual tasks may be amended or the ordering may be changed.

If the device is rotated however the display changes to a schedule view, displaying the following:

plans landscape views

While in scheduling view tasks may be moved to amend their dates or change their duration. Any changes made in a schedule view are reflected back to the table view, and any changes in the calendar are reflected in the base plans.

All this is complex to describe. However much of the work in Plans has gone into making it easy to use. What it does is complicated, but you don’t need to worry about it. It just works

Not had enough? There is more to Plans, including (as far as we know) a feature unique to the product…


Plans is planning made simple.
Because what we plan, we do.

Plans for iPhone

Planning is fundamental to our lives today. And anything that needs planning is appropriate for Plans. Plans is a free planning app for iPhone from Target Horizon. It will help you:

? think through your objectives
? see how you will achieve them
? deal with change.

Click here for  a 30 second video introduction to Plans for iPhone, or just download for free on the App Store and check it out.

Plans for iPhone


Want to know more? Press here for more detail on what Plans does, and why.

Introduction to Colorfalls

Colourfalls is the brand new game that’ll keep you on the edge of your sofa for hours! Bask in the greatness as a multitude of colours fly down your very screen!


Colourfalls is a quick and easy game to learn, but tricky game to master!

As the colours fly past, tap on them before they hit the ground to obtain lives and increase your score!